Denis Gardarin Gallery is pleased to announce the first comprehensive survey of Viennese artist Rudolf Polanszky: Rudolf Polanszky, Translinear Structures, from May 31– October 18, 2015 at Zeit Kunst Niederösterreich in Krems, Austria along with a catalogue by Kerber Verlag Bielefeld. This exhibition curated by Alexandra Schantl includes both paintings and sculpture that reflect the artist’s ongoing engagement with philosophy, mathematics, and science articulated through abstract visual means. Through layering, folding, and other manipulations of materials already damaged by prior use, these works are as concerned with process, negative space, and obscurity as they are with the final outcome. In the 1990’s Polanszky initiated a systematic exploration of various materials such as acrylic sheets, aluminum foil, color, fabric, plastic, and wood resulting in abstract compositions of unparalleled complexity and beauty that he refers to as a "dirty purity".


In November, Denis Gardarin Gallery will present a solo exhibition of Polanszky’s work from the 1980s through the present.