In a special 3-night performance this week specially commissioned by High Line Art in New York City, Naamar Tsabar will premier her newest performance; Composition 20.  Composition 20 builds a field of 20 performing musicians, each atop of their amplifiers - uniquely creating 20 scattered sound sources. The musicians will be arranged into three bands each band playing a separate composition: two are new songs commissioned especially for the High Line, and a third is *"Gibor Gadol”, a leftist 80’s punk song in Hebrew. 


All three songs have the same musical structure, each written in the same four chords, musical scale, and BPM. At a point in the performance, all three bands will play simultaneously. Due to their resemblance, a dense - yet not entirely - cacophonous musical field will be composed. As each song seeps into one another, the musicians collective shifting silhouettes form a sculptural composition that compliments the accompanying sonic one. For the audience, sound will become physical as their movement through this field will disassemble and reassemble the songs in a musical mix that is guided by their positioning and location.