September 25 – 27, 2015

Press Release

Denis Gardarin Gallery presents Joseph La Piana’s Tension, a new large-scale, site-specific installation within an industrial warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Tension spans over 20,000 square feet and amasses 11,000 feet of yellow latex stretched back-and-forth across each of the structural concrete pillars at 202 Coffey Street. As with many of La Piana’s smaller-scale works, Tension pushes the capabilities of a static material by testing it’s infinite tensile strength and expandability. Beyond the physical characteristics of Tension, La Piana draws a parallel between the psychological and emotional boundaries of humankind testing one’s infinite capacity. The installation includes an audio component to enhance the experience for the viewer. While remaining unique to La Piana, Tension recalls a similar experience of Lygia Pape’s Tteia I, C (Web) installation. 


202 Coffey Street

Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, 11231


On view to the public:

Friday, September 25th – Sunday September 27th | 12 PM – 6PM


#LaPianaTension | @DenisGardarinGallery


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