September 25 – November 14, 2015

Press Release

Denis Gardarin Gallery is pleased to announce two concurrent projects with artist Joseph La Piana in Red Hook, Brooklyn, opening on September 25th, 2015. Furthering the gallery’s mission to mount site-specific exhibitions that support and expand artists’ visions, Gardarin will curate key works from La Piana’s prolific oeuvre within the artist’s 4,000 square-foot studio while presenting La Piana’s large-scale installation Tension in a former shipbuilding warehouse at 202 Coffey Street. Tension will be open to the public through September 28th and the curated studio exhibition Contiguous: 30 Works will be on view through November 14th.


The Brooklyn-born La Piana explores biological, kinetic, and mathematical theories and transforms them through an extensive series of artworks. For the studio exhibition, Gardarin has chosen 30 significant works from the self-taught artist that emphasize his evolving use of various mediums, including wire sculptures, works on paper, corrugated cardboard sculptures, and marble paintings. La Piana’s series build upon and reference one another in a process he compares to DNA transcription and replication. Gardarin examines La Piana’s work and process from within the space of original artistic production: his studio.


Though La Piana’s work is largely self-referential, Gardarin emphasizes connections between his work and seminal movements in 20th century art history. The sculptural reliefs of La Piana’s Refraction series, thirteen of which will be featured in the studio exhibition, lend themselves to comparisons with neo-concrete works such as Helio Oiticica’s Spatial Relief or Lygia Clark’s paintings. Additionally, the sculptural forms of La Piana’s Corrugated series are reminiscent of the conceptual forms and mathematical models of Man Ray and Hiroshi Sugimoto.


Contiguous: 30 Works

Joseph La Piana Studio

Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, 11231

On view from Friday, September 25th – Saturday November 14th by appointment only

To book an appointment, please e-mail or call +1 646 577 4689